Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) has on the first place among 158 countries put Iceland on the bottom scale is the second consecutive Somalia.

According to The Global Peace Index for 2012, introduced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), Slovenia is described as 8th most peaceful and safe country in the world.

On the list of 158 countries for the second consecutive year, Iceland ranks first and  at the bottom of the list, again for the second consecutive year is Somalia. Slovenia improved its position on index by two places.

The Global Peace Index is compiled on the basis of 23 criteria: civil unrest, crime, involvement in wars and conflicts with neighbors.  The other ten most peaceful countries in the world, along with Slovenia are Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Austria, Ireland, Finland and Sweden.

The U.S. is ranked the 88th place, one ahead of China. Croatia is the 35th place, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are ranked on 64th and 65th place.  Among EU members, Greece has the lowest rank (77th place).