Education in Slovenia


Education in Slovenia

Admission to a long-term (90 days+) educational program in Slovenia can serve as the basis for a D-category visa or residence permit, depending on the situation. 

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Investment and business in Slovenia

Investment and business in Slovenia

Slovenia is a great country for foreign investment, thanks mainly to its geographic position at the intersection of traditional trade routes, as well as its infrastructure and plans for further development.

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Moving to Slovenia

Moving to Slovenia

Slovenia offers a number of programs where foreign citizens can both found their companies, and also head them and be officially employed.

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Kirill Bocharov

Indeed, I appreciated their manner of communication right away. Their fast responses made them trustworthy in my eyes, as well as the fact that the company was completely Slovenian. They understand...

Yekaterina Elvish

We chose Sibiz after a long preliminary correspondence with several other mediators. Our final choice was based entirely on the two factors of price and trust. At the time they were offering a very...

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