On the basis of company turnover

Combined residence and work permit for a foreign representative of a Slovenian company on the basis of the company's monthly turnover


Brief information:

The EU Blue Card

The Blue Card is an analog of the temporary residence permit biometric card for highly-skilled specialists. It combines both work and residence permit functions, and helps family reunite immediately. Blue Cards are issued for two years, and holders are not subject to immediately leaving the country after their employment contract is terminated. Instead, Blue Card holders are given time to obtain another residence permit.


Combined residence and work permit for a foreign representative of a Slovenian company on the basis of business investment


Brief information:

  • Average temporary residence permit waiting period from the moment of investment: 2-3 months.


Documents you have to prepare:

Employment with a labor market check


Legal, consultation and administrative services.

Assistance in obtaining a uniform residence and work permit for a foreign employee in a Slovenian company on the grounds of a vacancy check on the labor market

As soon as you launch your own company for conducting business in Slovenia and Europe, you can obtain a combined work and residence permit and be officially employed by your own company.  This employment option is possible after your company's vacancy is checked on the labor market.

Enrollment in Slovenian language courses

Language courses are an in-demand educational service both for enrollees choosing programs in the country's national language, and for family members moving to Slovenia within business immigration programs.


The reason for their popularity is simple: in order to live a comfortable life in a country, or get a decent education or job, it is crucial to know the official language.


Slovenian residence permit

Admission to a long-term (90 days+) educational program in Slovenia can serve as the basis for a D-category visa or residence permit, depending on the situation.

As we assist our clients in choosing educational programs and enrolling in the educational institutions of Slovenia, we also ensure they successfully obtain D-type visas or a temporary residence permit. This requires a simple package of documents:

College/university admission in Slovenia

Education is an inseparable part of modern life, and one of the most common reasons for moving to Slovenia.

Therefore, we offer consultations, support and services related to the entrance to vocational schools, gymnasiums, colleges, and bachelor, master and doctoral programs in Slovenia.


Our services in this are are designed to:

Electronic signature certificate

An electronic signature certificate, for example, SI-GENCA, is an indispensable tool for controlling your company's operations and remote paperwork for the company. Thanks to an electronic signature, Slovenian legal entities and entrepreneurs gain access to electronic service portals, including the eDavki Tax Service, where you can handle tax reporting on your own and also monitor your accountant's work.


In Slovenia, there are certain types of activities that require specific licensing. The full list of activities that either need to be licensed or meet a number of special requirements, contains 130 items.

The most notable among them are the following:

Slovenian market research

We help our clients launch and develop their business in Slovenia, countries of the former Yugoslavia and other EU countries. 

To properly evaluate the feasibility of entering the Slovenian market with new products, to find out and use the possibility of increasing sales volumes, and to evaluate the effectiveness of investing in a concrete business and the potential of developing this business idea taking the Slovenian context into account, we offer our own market research services.


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